Sept 16th - Centennial PANCAKE FEED!

Penny - Pancakes.jpg

Anyone like local grain buckwheat pancakes with Finnriver blueberries and real maple syrup, Egg and I Pork sausage, and Walchli cantaloupe while listening to Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals pump out great breakfast tunes??? Don't miss out on attending this "Once-in-a Century" event the Sunday of Farm Tour weekend! Tickets on sale at Chimacum Corner Farmstand. Full details HERE!

September 22—Wilderness Moves

Saturday, September 22, 2018
Chimacum, Washington
Finnriver Farm & Cidery, Chimacum Grange, Anderson Lake State Park


Hiking Awareness, 1:00-4:00 pm

Join author and wildlife tracker Doniga Markegard, and author and biomechanist Katy Bowman in Chimacum, Washington for Wilderness Moves: Hiking Awareness

This is a dynamic lecture, where participants and leaders will move and learn together. Discover simple ways to get more from your body and from your mind while you hike with Markegard and Bowman over gorgeous, varied terrain to the Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary and around Anderson Lake State Park.Learn body adjustments that can increase your strength and decrease your pain while out on the trail; you’ll also learn a few moves that can help you be more aware of the land around you, looking for animal tracks, listening for bird language, and tasting wild plants. Participants should dress for the weather, and bring their own snacks and water. The guided hike will last about three hours. Tickets are $75 for adults, $37.50 for kids 12 and under. Get tickets here.

Book Signing with Katy Bowman and Doniga Markegard

There will be a separate, free, family-friendly signing by both authors at Finnriver Farm & Cidery from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Come for cider, local food, bocce ball, and a walk around the Finnriver orchard and farm collaborative to learn about organic agriculture, seed-saving, medicinal herbs, salmon restoration, and more. No registration required—just come by and hang out with us!

Then from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., Doniga will be presenting a free talk on regenerative ranching, tracking, and permaculture at the Chimacum Grange, a half-mile from the Cidery. 

Regenerative Agriculture: Mimicking Nature to Find our Path

Doniga Markegard, owner of Markegard Family Grass-Fed, shares her expertise in Holistic Land Management as a pathway for large-scale grassland restoration. Blending principles of nature and permaculture, Doniga weaves a journey of raising healthy livestock while also increasing plant diversity, building soil, and providing nutrient dense foods for thousands of families. By mimicking patterns found in nature, communities can cultivate food with greater nutrition while providing carbon sequestration and returning biodiversity and abundance to the land. Through her direct experience in stewarding 10,000 acres of rangeland in California, Doniga offers real-world stories and lessons in regenerative ranching. This is a free event, but please RSVP here.

And the day in Chimacum doesn’t have to end there! Join back in the community fun at Finnriver after the talk for family-friendly free live dancing music until 9pm! 

August 8th Grange Meeting

Denise Joy on Medicinal Herb Growing

Join us for a discussion with Denise Joy, of Mountain Spirit Herbal,
about growing medicinal herbs for profit in our area. 

Wednesday, July 11th
Chimacum Grange
9572 Rhody Dr., Chimacum
6:30 pm Come share food and socialize
(bring something or just come eat)
7:00 pm Presentation

July 11th Grange Meeting

Meet your candidates for Sheriff and Prosecutor!

Prosecutor: Michael Haas and James Kennedy
Sheriff: Joe Nole and incumbent Dave Stanko

Over half of the county budget is law and justice so these positions are important and can have far reaching effects on the community. Please join us for a pre-meeting potluck and following opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them any questions you may have.

Wednesday, July 11th
Chimacum Grange
9572 Rhody Dr., Chimacum
6:30 pm Come share food and socialize
(bring something or just come eat)
7:00 pm Presentation

F/u June 13th Commercial Kitchen Meeting

We are a community that has been lacking sufficient certified kitchen space for food producers and caterers to use. Fortunately, we are blessed with two new kitchens opening up at the same time.

Eric Jorgensen and Willy Ray came to speak about the brand new Finnriver Kitchen that just opened June 1st at the Finnriver Orchard site. Chimacum Corner Farmstand is renting the kitchen everyday from 4:30am–2 pm (noon on weekends). Finnriver will be looking for people to lease it the rest of the afternoons/evenings/nights alongside Finnriver and the food vendors that work the Finnriver Cider Garden. Finnriver is still working out schedules and rental rates. If you are interested in renting the kitchen, you can email them with your needs. 

Deborah and Courtland Goetz spoke about their new enterprise, the “Tri-Area Commercial Kitchen” that will open soon pending some last permitting hurdles. They are located at 51 C Chimacum Road in Hadlock at the old donut shop. This is a smaller, but fully equipped kitchen. They passed around an information sheet and are eager to hear from potential renters. You can contact them at 360.774.6477.

Suzen and Kelli of Crust Pies and Market Kitchen came to talk about their full-service kitchen located at 1433 W. Sims Way in Port Townsend. Their kitchen is busy and well used. To date, they have been having to accommodate most of our area’s commercial kitchen needs. That being said, there may be room for more rentals, depending on one’s needs. Suzen and Kelli would like to hear from anyone interested. More information and their contact info can be found at

June 14th Soil Conference: Soil Health and Planetary Regeneration

Hello Farmers and Lovers of Soil,

There is an advanced soil discussion in Chimacum next week and they are looking for some knowledgeable soil enthusiasts from the region to join the conversation. Is that you? 

Soil Conference: Soil Health and Planetary Regeneration
Thursday, June 14, 11:30 am–5:00 pm
Chimacum, Washington

Introductions will be made over lunch at Farm’s Reach Café in Chimacum (8972 Beaver Valley Road [Highway 19], Chimacum, WA 98325). The meeting proper will be at the Chimacum Grange (9572 Rhody Drive). Those who wish to stick around can continue the conversation after the formal ending.

The discussion will be about best practices for building and maintaining soil health and producing high nutrient density food.

In order to get the discussion going each participant should pick a few short quotes that best reflect how they see optimum fertility and production methods. Other participants will be given time to briefly express their thoughts about each statement. If we can come to a consensus we will use that as the base for advocating for and creating a program to raise nutrient-dense produce and arrive at a sustainable agriculture in fairly short order; i.e., revolutionize agriculture through changed practices.

Who is invited?

Practical soil scientists and knowledgeable farmers. We’re looking for folks with decades of practical experience and study. It would be great 10 to 20 seasoned hands participated. The idea for this soil group is to compare notes—working towards a synthesis of our experience/knowledge/insights. Where this all goes remains to be seen, but the hope is for something that can benefit us and the world. The idea is for this to be the first of a continuing series. The first meeting is in Jefferson County, hosted and moderated by Michael Pilarski. The 2nd meeting will likely be in the Olympia area hosted by Gary Kline.

The meeting will be audio (maybe also video) recorded or may be live streamed. If you can help with the technology aspect please contact Michael Pilarski.

We will be renting a venue and will pass the hat to cover costs. If anyone wants to stay overnight let Michael know.

Michael Pilarski
Friends of the Trees society   

Send agenda items to:
Gary Kline
Blossom Consulting Services

Also of note—Gary Kline, David Yarrow and others have recently formed a group with the name Nutriculture Northwest. At their June 13th meeting in Olympia David Yarrow will be doing a presentation on Carbon-Smart Nutriculture. “A rare opportunity to go ‘beyond organic’ and learn about the next revolution in farming, food production and human nutrition; as well as reverse greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.”

June 13th Grange Meeting

The folks from Finnriver Cidery and Debbie Goetz of the Olympic Trading Post will be opening up new commercial kitchen facilities that are available to rent. If you are interested in making value-added products and need a county approved kitchen, come see the presentation.

Debbie will be talking about her kitchen near the Valley Tavern in Port Hadlock. Finnriver will be talking about the new kitchen at the Finnriver Cidery.

Suzen Maxwell & Kelli Winter owners of CRUST pies and the Market Kitchen in Port Townsend will be sharing their experience running a commercial kitchen space, too.

This August, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, the Chimacum Grange is hoping to create a local food display for the Jefferson County Fair similar to what the Grange used to be famous for. We will be discussing the feasibility of this and be looking for individuals interested in getting involved.

Wednesday,June 13th
Chimacum Grange
9572 Rhody Dr., Chimacum
6:30 pm Come share food and socialize
(bring something or just come eat)
7:00 pm Presentation

Piano Tuned Thanks to Generous Donation


A most generous contribution has come to the Chimacum Grange from Richard Tucker, Executive Director of the Jefferson Land Trust. He's not only paid for the recent piano-tuning but has also volunteered to foot the bill for new stage curtains (not cheap!).

When asked what inspired this gift, he says he sees the Grange as a community resource, a place where folks can gather, dance, sing, learn, and share ideas. There aren’t many rental facilities in our area that have a stage and piano for performances. 

Richard likes to make a difference, no matter how small, and he’s hoping this contribution will help make the Grange a venue of choice for local events. Although Richard played the piano and performed in a community chorus in days past, he now most enjoys being an audience member. To him, nothing can sour a production more than an out-of-tune piano.

When you next see Richard, give him a big thanks!