State and National Membership Benefits

Washington State Grange:

The Grange is a family-friendly organization that promotes family values and teaches leadership and social skills to our youth. Service to the community is the backing of the Grange—with hundreds of community service programs benefitting everyone from the very young to the very old occurring every day all across the state. The Grange is a grassroots organization with policies set by members of local Granges in a truly democratic, non-partisan, fashion. The Grange is a respected voice in state and federal government, and has been the people’s voice in Washington for more than 100 years.

Junior Grange membership is open to all boys and girls age 5 to 14. The program offers a large number of opportunities for young people, including six Junior Grange summer camps, dozens of contests, community involvement, special projects and learning leadership skills, self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork and respect for others. Learn more at

Grange Members are eligible for any Grange office—local, state and national—at age 14.

The Grange youth programis designed to provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities. There are only two programs that are age specific; all programs are open to ever Grange member regardless of age. Opportunities include regional conferences, the Ambassador program, the John Trimble Legislative Experience, mentoring programs and more.

More info about Washington State Grange can be found at www.wa-grange.organd

National Grange: