Piano Tuned Thanks to Generous Donation


A most generous contribution has come to the Chimacum Grange from Richard Tucker, Executive Director of the Jefferson Land Trust. He's not only paid for the recent piano-tuning but has also volunteered to foot the bill for new stage curtains (not cheap!).

When asked what inspired this gift, he says he sees the Grange as a community resource, a place where folks can gather, dance, sing, learn, and share ideas. There aren’t many rental facilities in our area that have a stage and piano for performances. 

Richard likes to make a difference, no matter how small, and he’s hoping this contribution will help make the Grange a venue of choice for local events. Although Richard played the piano and performed in a community chorus in days past, he now most enjoys being an audience member. To him, nothing can sour a production more than an out-of-tune piano.

When you next see Richard, give him a big thanks!