Commercial Kitchen Resources in our Area

We are a community that has been lacking sufficient certified kitchen space for food producers and caterers to use. Fortunately, we are blessed with two new kitchens opening up at the same time.

Eric Jorgensen and Willy Ray came to speak about the brand new Finnriver Kitchen that just opened June 1st at the Finnriver Orchard site. Chimacum Corner Farmstand is renting the kitchen everyday from 4:30am–2 pm (noon on weekends). Finnriver will be looking for people to lease it the rest of the afternoons/evenings/nights alongside Finnriver and the food vendors that work the Finnriver Cider Garden. Finnriver is still working out schedules and rental rates. If you are interested in renting the kitchen, you can email them with your needs. 

Deborah and Courtland Goetz spoke about their new enterprise, the “Tri-Area Commercial Kitchen” that will open soon pending some last permitting hurdles. They are located at 51 C Chimacum Road in Hadlock at the old donut shop. This is a smaller, but fully equipped kitchen. They passed around an information sheet and are eager to hear from potential renters. You can contact them at 360.774.6477.

Suzen and Kelli of Crust Pies and Market Kitchen came to talk about their full-service kitchen located at 1433 W. Sims Way in Port Townsend. Their kitchen is busy and well used. To date, they have been having to accommodate most of our area’s commercial kitchen needs. That being said, there may be room for more rentals, depending on one’s needs. Suzen and Kelli would like to hear from anyone interested. More information and their contact info can be found at